The Festival of the Kazakh Fairy Tales in the English Language

You don’t believe in fairy tales
You don’t believe in magic
And maybe that’s the reason why
 You think everything is tragic.
But if you lifted up your chin
 And you looked up to the sky
You’d remember all the beauty
It’s just hidden in disguise
There is beauty in the light
There is beauty in the dark
There’s still so much beauty in you
 It just needs to be resparked.
So maybe if you started to believe
In things like Peter Pan and Wendy
Maybe you’d begin to see
That life’s still filled with magic and happy endings.

On the 28th of April the festival of the Kazakh fairy tales in the English language was held. There were the pupils of the 1-4 forms, their parents and the teachers of the grammar-school. The teachers of the primary school prepared the participants: Sharifulina L.R., Razumova N.V., Shubina O.V., Maltseva I.A.
The pupils of the 1-4 forms did their best to show all they had learnt before.
The pupils of the first “E” form presented the fairy tale “The Khan-hatter”.
The pupils of the second “C” form showed the fairy tale “The girl and the cat”.
The pupils of the third “C” form prepared the unusual fairy tale – “Two sisters”
The oldest pupils in primary school – the pupils of the fourth “A” form – presented the fairy tale “The wonderful Aldar-Kose’s fur coat”.

The festival ended by the beautiful Kazakh dance of the forth “ C” form.

The teacher of the English Language Maltseva I.A.

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