Lesson "Mysteries of the World"

Мостовая О. В., учитель английского языка20 Октября, 2011 11:47

 Theme:        Mysteries of the World.

 Aims:         -  to enrich and enlarge vocabulary

         -  to develop speaking  skills

         -  to widen mental outlook and to form the culture of group work

  Equipment:    interactiveboard, presentations, video clips.



  1. Warm Up.

Mystery… What is it? Give some examples.

Activeboard presentation:

a)      definition

b)      quotations

  1. Presentations in groups:

a)      Bermuda Triangle

b)      Loch Ness Monster

c)      Atlantis

d)     Yeti

  1. Videos.

Watch the video clips and answer the question: What is new or additional information in the video different from the facts in your presentation?

  1. Follow Up.

            Swap the information about the mysteries of the world.

  1. Wrap Up.

            Homework:  Discuss the answers to the questions:  Why did you choose your theme and do you believe in your mystery?