Lesson "Homeless people and homelessness"

Мостовая О. В., учитель английского языка15 Марта, 2012 11:38

Theme:        Homeless people and homelessness.

Aims:         -  to study all the problems of being homeless

         -  to develop speaking  skills

         -  to broaden mental outlook; to enlarge vocabulary and to form the culture of group work

 Equipment:    interactiveboard, presentations, video, letters


 Preliminaries. Work in groups.

  1. Warm Up.

Out of any group of people on the planet. Out of any demographic the one that it’s OK to look down upon to blame for their problems and to do nothing about their situation, is the homeless. We look down upon the homeless because we consider them to be irresponsible and lazy. Irresponsible because they can’t keep their house and lazy because they refuse to “pull themselves up” and get a job. And so maybe a few people will have pity and toss a few coins here and there but when it comes to the homeless, they are the only group of people we think it’s OK for them to be left in that situation.

  1. Ss associations. Give one word  about the problem and try to add a comment of 

            your own.

  1. Ss give their definitions of homeless.
  2. Ss  try to give  reasons of the problem.
  3. Ss read some points of statistics.
  4. Answer the question: Why is it that, even in the richest countries in the world, there are so many homeless people?
  5. Ss express their own experience and answer the questions: Have you ever seen homeless people in your native city/town? How do they live? How do you feel about them? Do you try to help if you can? How?
  6. Ss presentations about help.

a)      Ss of our school

b)      Citizens of our city

c)      The youth

d)     Business

e)      Local authorities

  1. Ss read sayings/ quotations of famous people, choose one and try to

comment on it. 

  1. Ss watch the video and answer the questions: What’s happening? What is the

problem? How will people react? What will they do? Ss check their ideas.

  1. Conclusion. Mother Teresa’s quote.
  2. Letters (2). Ss read the letters in groups, discuss and give their opinions.
  3. Homework:  Write the answers to the letters.


Lesson "Homeless people and homelessness"