Lesson "Celebrities"

Мостовая О. В., учитель английского языка9 Октября, 2012 11:31

Theme:        Celebrities

Aims:       -     to study all the problems of being a celebrity

      -     to develop speaking skills and creative abilities

      -     to form the culture of group work; to enlarge vocabulary and to broaden mental  outlook

 Equipment: activeboard, Ss presentations, cards with words, sheets of paper, video


 Preliminaries. Work in groups.

  1. Give the definition of the word “celebrity”.
  2. Ss give their associations and comments about the theme.
  3. Answer the questions: Which celebrities are in the news at the moment? What is the gossip about them?
  4. Name the celebrities and give some information about them (presentation on the activeboard).
  5. Answer the questions: Do you have your own celebrities? Who are you most interested in? Give some interesting facts.
  6. Ss show presentations “My celebrity”.
  7. Ss compose poems about celebrities.
  8. Read the sayings/quotes and give opinion about them. Agree/disagree statements.
  9. Get acquainted the Ss with the results of the research (kids).
  10. Answer the questions: Do you want to be a celebrity? Why? Give good and bad sides of being a celebrity. Discussion.
  11. Get acquainted the Ss with the results of the survey (adults).
  12. Ss give their recipe for success.
  13. Conclusion. If you were a celebrity, what would you do?
  14. Justin Bieber’s photo and video: an interview and a clip. Additional information.
  15. Homework: write a letter.


Lesson "Celebrities"