Lesson "The kind woodpecker", 5th grade

Ким Л.С., учитель английского языка29 Октября, 2015 10:45

Theme: The kind woodpecker

     Main aim of the lesson: To provide practice in reading for gist and details and to develop oral fluency.                                     

     Aids: Slides, audio track, worksheets

Today we shall talk about the kind woodpecker, how do you understand these words ‘to be kind’.

  1. Warm-up (5)     Aim: To create interest and establish the theme.
  2. A.      A student presents  the main character of the text – the woodpecker. (slide)
  1. B.     Answer the questions: What colour is the bird’s coat?   (black, white, and red)

What does the woodpecker eat?   (insects)  

What kind of bird is it?  (clever, kind,  a tree doctor)           

  1.  Presentation (10-15)  Aim: To practice reading skills
    1. A.     First Reading    Aim: Students will be able to read the text for the gist.

Students read the 1st and the last paragraph of the text. Then make their   predictions.

 Students read the 1st sentence of each paragraph and summarize the whole text.

  1. B.     Second Reading     Aim: Student will be able to read the text for details.
  2. C.      Yes, No questions: ( if ‘No’, correct  the sentence)

1)    Once upon a time birds did not know how to sing.    Yes.

2)    Every bird wanted to get the most beautiful song.   Yes.

3)    Only the grey nightingale did not ask for a song.   Yes.

4)    They didn’t leave a song for him.   Yes.

5)    The woodpecker didn’t get a song too.      No.

6)    The woodpecker saw that the nightingale was happy because he had no song.    No

7)    The woodpecker gave his song to the seagull.     No.

8)    When he wanted to hear a song he would listen to other birds.      Yes.

9)    The nightingale had the longest & the most beautiful song.    Yes

10)    So all the birds in the forest didn’t like him.       No.

 Have you ever heard any songs of the nightingale? Let’s enjoy one of them.

  1. Follow-up (15)   Aim: To practice new vocabulary. To develop fluency.
  2. Role play.  Act out the story: woodpecker, bird, bird, nightingale,   author (1-2 автора )(5 students)
  3. The rest of the class discuss:      

But all the birds in the forest like him. Do you know  WHY?

 What does it mean “to be kind”

  1. Wrap-up (3-5)   Aim: To give the students practice at home

Will you give your song to another bird if you were the woodpecker?