Lesson "The Past Simple Tense in the fairy – tale", 3rd grade

Шубина О. В., учитель английского языка29 Октября, 2015 10:36

Theme: The Past Simple Tense in the fairy – tale “Goldfish” 

The Objectives:

  1. Teaching: to format communicative skills (listening, reading, speaking) and the expansion of vocabulary on the theme "Fairy - tales" on the basis of the received information.
  2. Developing: to develop the ability to work in pairs and groups, and to prove the point of view on the issue.
  3. Educational: to enlarge pupils’ outlook about the heroes of the fairy - tales

Lesson type: combined

The expecting results: Children know the difference between regular and irregular verbs;

Equipment: pictures, notebook, projector, presentation in Prezi, cards with exercises, handouts

Plan of the lesson:

I. Preliminaries

  • Greetings
  • dividing into groups “Favorite song”

II. Introduction the theme of the lesson

  • Prezi – presentation “Heroes of the fairy - tales”

III. Warm up

  • “Concept – cards (Past Simple Tense)”

IV. Reading “Goldfish”

  • Pre- reading activity:

Scene from the fairy tale “Goldfish”

Detailed reading

Individual task


V. Energizer

VI. Writing – appropriate ending to the fairy – tale (Past Simple Tense)

VII. Wrap up

VIII. Homework


I. Preliminaries

  1. Greetings
  2. Tr. divides children into 3 groups (favorite song)

   II. Introduction the theme of the lesson

Children fill in the crossword with the help of the Prezi – presentation “Heroes of the fairy - tales”, find the keyword, answer teacher’s questions, make a conclusion about the theme of the lesson (The Past Simple Tense)

III. Warm up  

  • Children in groups work out the concept – cards “Past Simple Tense”

Children in group remember and write their own concepts which connect to the theme (regular and irregular verbs, signal words, schemes of narrative, interrogative and affirmative sentences)

Children should justify their choice.

Tr. presents her own concept – card and children should find two mistakes and explain their choice.

IV. Reading “Goldfish”

  • Pre – reading activity:

Scene from the fairy tale “Goldfish” – Children not only watch the scene but they should listen and fill in the gaps in their worksheets. Next they check each other looking at the Prezi – slide with the right answers and put the points

  • Detailed reading

Children get the worksheets with the text.

The first task: look through the text and cross all verbs in Past Simple Tense – regular with the ed ending and irregular in V2

The second task: count the verbs in each line

The third task: reading out regular and irregular verbs

The fourth task: answer the teacher’s questions about the fairy – tale’s details 

  • How many heroes are there?
  • Who is the author of the fairy – tale? etc,.
  • Individual task

The pupil tells some interesting facts about the author of the fairy – tale and children fill in the table, where some information is missed. Then children should answer the questions which were prepared by the pupil

  • Matching

Children should match pictures with the appropriate sentences. They should change the verbs in Past simple tense and read the right sentences

V.  Energizer

  • Ps do the Prezi-energizer “I am a music man”.

VI. Writing

  • SS do exercises on consolidation:

I. Children choose the hat (green, white, black)

 II. In groups children should write their own ending of the fairy - tale in according to the selected hat

III. Children should read their endings

VII. Wrap up

  • Summing up of the lesson
  • Evaluation self – analysis (ladder of success)

VIII. Home task:

  • Learn by heart the verbs

Дополнительные материалы к уроку: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/Jkmm/fpjvzHXRx