Lesson "Do’s and Don’ts", 8th grade

Ким Д. Е., учитель английского языка27 Февраля, 2013 18:05

Theme: “Do’s and Don’ts”.

Type of the lesson: grammar skills building

Grade: 8 «C».

Aim: to form grammar skill in making sentences using modal verbs


to provide grammar skill comprehension of Modal verbs

to develop speaking skills

to develop autonomous work of students in the class and communication culture of the person


  • projector
  • computer classroom
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Online English Test www.testmoz.com.
  • Interactive course software “Headway Pre-Intermediate”
  • “The Art of Getting by” – a film shortcut

Lesson Plan

  1. Organizational moment
  2. Language drill
  3. Homework review – modals
  4. Introduction “Do’s and Don’ts”
  5. Speaking about ‘Do’s & Don’ts” at school, work & so on.
  6. Group work Assessment
  7. Problem-Solving Task ‘Instructions to parent’, ‘The Art of Getting by’
  8. Consolidation of Modals  
  9. Sum up the lesson
  10. Home assignment:  Stop & Check 2. Grammar & Vocabulary Revision.

Lesson Procedure

1. Greetings.

Organizational moment: Aims of the lesson

2. Language drill

(On the screen/desktop)

Modal verbs: CAN, HAVE TO, SHOULD, MUST.

What do they stand for?

3. Homework reviewmodals

Use your computer to do some exercise using Modals ‘should, have to’

On the desktop find Study Centre and Choose Interactive Pre-Intermediate Course.

Unit 8 Grammar – Modals

4. Introduction “Do’s and Don’ts”

(Slide on the screen)

What do you think of these words and a picture?

Guess and give your ideas.

Speaking about ‘Do’s & Don’ts” at school, work & so on. Group work

As we see the ‘Do’s and Don’ts are the rules and obligations. Make your own list of rules.

Rules at school /work.

6. Group work Assessment

  • Group assessment
  • Make notes and comments
  • Yes/No What did you like most?
  • What would you change?

7. Problem-Solving Task ‘Instructions to parent’, ‘The Art of Getting by’

Now you’re going to see an episode of the film ‘The Art of Getting by’

Answer the questions after watching a video.

8. Consolidation of Modals 

This test must be taken online. You’ll have only 13 questions and 1o minutes.

The results of the test cannot be changed.

Be careful! Think before choosing an answer.

9. Sum up the lesson

Let’s make a conclusion what were you doing/have done in the class today.

Which group was the best in the class?

Make some notes and express your ideas.

10. Home assignment:  Stop & Check 2. Grammar & Vocabulary Revision

Get ready to a Quiz on Unit 8 Modals.